Overture/Portfolio Addition


June 28, 2008

Another wallpaper! This is the most productive I have been in a while. Overture is a simplistic piece made out of seahorses. Download it from the gallery.

I have also added a new flyer to my portfolio. It was created about a month ago for my dad's car club. It was heavily inspired by Speed Racer, which I actually enjoyed a lot despite crappy reviews and bad press.

I am working on an iPhone wallpaper pack that should be ready in a week or so.

New Wallpaper/Naature Clothing


June 28, 2008

First off, that wallpaper I mentioned 3 weeks ago is finally up. It's actually been up since last week. Feather is a very soft and streamlined wallpaper, enjoy! Check it out.

For those who don't know, I run a t-shirt company on the side with my good friend Jason. We design (most of them) and silk screen all the shirts ourselves. We have been doing this since 2005 and just this past Friday we released our third batch of shirts that consists of four designs. Two of them were created by me, one by Jason and the other by Jeff Dodson. Be sure to head over to Naature Clothing and check out the shirts! Oh and buy a couple too if you like what you see!



May 27, 2008

I have a new wallpaper titled "Feather" that is ready go online but have not got around to uploading it, expect that in a day or so.

I have been busy getting the next batch of Naature shirts ready to sell. Jason came out on Friday and helped me print all 200 of them. We had a launch party on Saturday that ran from 9pm to 5am! We have four new shirts that we are planning on getting online the first week of June. Two of the designs are done by yours truly. I will post more details once they are online.

After I figure out a way to take nice photos of my paintings I will be offering them up for sale. If you want to purchase one hit me up and I will put your name on it.

Interview by


April 18, 2008

Over the past few (busy) weeks I have been doing an interview with Check out the interview for my thoughts on digital art value, why I create, why almost everything I make is in a desktop resolution, and more.

endeffect 2008 - OH, HAI


February 29, 2008

I would like to welcome everyone to the new look of EndEffect. It has been quite some time since EndEffect saw a facelift of this size. The redesign of the site started just over a year ago. But due to a lot of various factors, never saw the light of day until now.

A lot of very tedious work went into some behind-the-scenes stuff that you might not see at first glance. The absolute biggest being a complete overhaul of all of my original jpg files. Through the years we have always carried over the original jpg files of the wallpapers, some of these jpg's date all the way back to 1999. I knew that going into this new design I didn't just want a facelift for the site, I wanted all of the content to be fresh. I have spent countless hours and weeks re-rendering, remastering, and re-saving all of the wallpapers from their original Bryce and Photoshop source files. A few of these wallpapers have received a heavy amount of modifications that have drastically improved the quality. These wallpapers have a (rm) after their name, meaning "remastered."

All my wallpapers are now divided by creation year. This is something that I never thought about but was brought up by my friend David who actually programmed the site. Browsing through my collection should be a lot easier now. Regardless of the number, each year will load all corresponding wallpapers on that page. No more skipping through tons of pages to find what you are looking for, just click the year and scroll down.

One of my favorite new additions to EndEffect is the new lightbox script we are running. It looks really slick and cleans up the wallpaper listing quite a bit because it houses all of the download links for the various wallpaper sizes.

Speaking of wallpaper sizes... I have been asked countless times about widescreen wallpapers, they are finally here! A lot of those weeks I spent re-rendering, remastering and re-saving had to do with the fact that I was reformatting nearly every wallpaper into a widescreen aspect ratio as well. Just about every single wallpaper is now available in widescreen all the way up to 1920x1200.

As you browse the wallpapers you will notice some of them have a "Print Available" link underneath the title. These wallpapers are available to purchase as prints, mousepads, coasters, magnets, and some even as coffee mugs. These are processed through the amazing prints service of deviantART. These prints are very high quality and look simply outstanding.

Another thing that I have long wanted to incorporate into EndEffect is some of the contract work that I do/have done. A Portfolio section has been added that showcases some hand picked pieces I have been contracted to do, including a logo I did way back in 1999 just as I was starting to get deep into graphic design.

The last part I want to mention that I just had to include because I personally use them every day of my life, is an RSS Feed. Subscribe to it and you will get all of my blog entries that will include wallpaper releases and other random stuff I might write about. The icon will be permanently affixed to the bottom right portion of this page.

Well that is about it, I hope everyone enjoys the new EndEffect; the new facelift, the fresh wallpapers, and my new blog. Very big thanks go out to David Mernin and Jason Krieger, without them EndEffect would not be what it is today. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their continued support and hard work that has kept EndEffect stable and functioning for all these years.

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