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September 13, 2010

We are currently giving away 1 free shirt a day to a random Twitter follower. All you have to do is head over to our Twitter account and follow us! We will pick 1 random follower at the end of every day this week who will win a free shirt of their choosing.

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September 08, 2010

I run a t-shirt company on the side called Naature Clothing, there is currently 2 shirts in stock that are designed by me. Right now we are running a promotion and selling the shirts for only $7. Use coupon code ENDEFFECT when you check out to apply the discount.

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deviantART 10th Anniversary


August 31, 2010

On August 7th, 2010, I was asked to put on a 45 minute Photoshop session on how I create my artwork for the deviantART 10th anniversary. deviantART is an art community I have been a part of for 10 years.

You can see a 25 minute video here.

Heading out to LA!

We arrived at the House of Blues just around noon.

We had to hang outside for a little while before we decided to just let ourselves in.

Things were still being setup when we got inside.

This is the room where I put on my Photoshop session.

My good friend David and I trying to figure out their projector, the House of Blues only had VGA out and our laptop did not have VGA in, so we opted to use the wireless feature of the projector, which was worked really well.

This is me wondering what the hell I am going to make/say once the clock hits 4pm.

I decided to warm up by creating my version of an abstract dinosaur. This is Abstractosaurus.

Getting some images ready for my introduction.

Consulting with David some more, making sure everything is good to go.

I am first to go up!

My nametag.

So I start, and the audience is captivated.

The room was packed!

This was about when I was ending the session. I mostly just created and talked very rarely. I really wanted to finish something in my 45 minute timeslot, but I had only begun to scratch the surface of what I was going to create.

Angelo Sotira stopped by later in the night while I was still working. We had some good laughs. I'm being told I was pretty wasted in this picture, I don't believe it.

After about 4 hours of work this is where I was with my creation. Still so far from what I would end up with.

This is me getting a personal demonstration of ArtRage from Uwe Maurer of Ambient Design, he was an awesome guy, and even bought me a beer.

Ryane (my fiance) and Lee (another good friend) hang out while Uwe's co-worker snaps a photo of us.

Once everyone leaves I dive right back into my work, I think I look like this the whole time I create. It's like I am trying to solve a really hard puzzle.

A very close to final look of what I created after about 8 hours of work.

The ride home, gotta love LA traffic at midnight...



August 20, 2010

Another new piece! This was created live at the recent deviantART 10th Birthday Bash at the House of Blues in Hollywood. I put on a 45 minute session which was basically the beginning of this work. You can see a 25 minute video here. I spent another 5 hours or so after my session working on it, then another hour at home adding the finishing touches.

Download it from the gallery!



August 06, 2010

My latest work is now available to download!

Anchor was created just a few nights ago as I was getting my creative juices flowing for the DeviantArt party that's happening this Saturday in Los Angeles at the House of Blues (more info here).

I will be putting on a live 45 minute Photoshop session explaining all of the techniques used to create this piece. Although I will be creating something completely different. Please come out if you live in the area!