Limited Edition Prints!


August 21, 2013

I have some limited edition prints available! Check them out below!

Art Show!


March 29, 2012

I have a show coming up in a few weeks, if you are local please consider coming out! It's going to be a ton of fun!

Buy Tickets Here

Facebook / Twitter


March 19, 2012

Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with all of my stuff! I have been posting a lot of little sneak peeks and other side projects I have been working on.

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August 08, 2011

My latest piece titled Deadstep is now available! I went kind of crazy with this one and not only did I mash two completely random things together (Dubstep and Day of the Dead) but I also went extremely out of my comfort zone and stayed away from some of my design crutches. This piece is completely void of a lot of my traditional Photoshop techniques that are prevalent in most of my work.

One thing that did make a comeback is the skull I used for this piece. It made it's debut back in 2001 for Cold iCE Cold, as seen here. Bringing this guy back into my newer work was a blast.

Another thing I did was put together a dubstep mix to go along with this release, you can check it out over at 8tracks.

The desktop wallpaper is available in the Gallery. And like most of my work, prints are available.

Let me know what you think!

Naature Clothing, 9


June 01, 2011

A new shirt design is available to buy over at Naature Clothing (the clothing company I run). This was designed by me and marks the return of Naature after a nearly 3 year hiatus.

Use coupon code "EE9" and get $5 off each additional shirt you buy along with it, no limit!

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